Selling on Amazon has changed significantly. In fact, there’s always more you can do to improve sales. No matter what stage your business is at today, Idealogy Group can help you overcome the challenges you are facing and achieve the ultimate results you desire.

Idealogy Group is a brand design, management, and marketing agency created to give you the best chance of success on Amazon’s platform. We help brands completely dominate the Amazon channel, improve their conversions, grow sales and build a significant brand online. Our partners think we are pretty good at what we do because it’s all about results. Learn why you should partner with us to maximize your success on Amazon.

Our Services


A unique product design is the ONLY way you will stand out from your competition. At Idealogy Group, we work alongside our clients OR independently to create a product design that will wow your customers. Whether you have a product already produced or are looking for your next one to bring to market, we can help!

Here are some of the common ways we help clients in the design process:

  • New product opportunity identification
  • Existing product enhancements
  • Designs for logos, packaging, product inserts
  • Product photography
  • Product sales copywriting
  • Amazon EBC & store fronts
  • And more!


Managing your brand on Amazon can be a challenge…unless you have the right partner to help you navigate through the challenging this amazon, yet unique platform brings.

Here are some of the common ways we help clients in managing their Amazon account:

  • Content management
  • Competition and pricing management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer service
  • Unauthorized seller management
  • And more!


There is no better way to grow your sales than to leverage Amazon’s advertising platform. By optimizing your advertising, you will see increased conversion rates, sales, and organic keyword ranking to boost your brand to the top.

Here are some of the common ways we help clients in managing Amazon advertising:

  • PPC management on Amazon
  • AMS management on Amazon
  • Bid management
  • Campaign management
  • And more!

About Us

About Our CEO

Our CEO, Brandon Andrews, began his selling career in 2014. After starting in the traditional arbitrage models, he quickly realized that building a brand was the only way to have long-term sustainability in his business. So he pivoted hard to the private label model by designing and importing products from overseas into the US to sell. After 10 short months, he had built his business to multiple six-figures and quit his corporate job. He then focused all his time and energy on scaling his private label brands on Amazon and quickly became a 7-figure seller.


About Idealogy Group

Idealogy Group was born after realizing the continued massive opportunity of bringing products online to Amazon. They work with investors wanting to get a return on their money utilizing the Amazon marketplace. They work with retailers who have not yet launched on Amazon. They work with small, medium and large current brands wanting to improve their Amazon sales. The bottom line is this – Idealogy wants to help you find success on Amazon, whatever your goals may be.


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